From Sun Worship to Sun Protection: The Importance of Protecting Your Skin in Today's World

From Sun Worship to Sun Protection: The Importance of Protecting Your Skin in Today's World

We all love spending time in the sun, but it's important to remember that our skin needs protection. While many sun worshippers of the past embraced the idea of getting a "healthy" tan, we now know that excessive sun exposure can have serious consequences. Here are a few reasons why sun protection is more important now than ever before:


  1. Increased awareness of skin cancer. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States, and it's often caused by sun exposure. With more awareness about the dangers of skin cancer, people are taking sun protection more seriously.


  1. Thinning ozone layer. The ozone layer acts as a natural barrier that protects us from harmful UV rays. However, the ozone layer has been thinning in recent years, which means that more UV rays are getting through. This makes sun protection even more important than it was in the past.


  1. Better understanding of skin damage. We now know that even short periods of sun exposure can cause damage to our skin. This damage can lead to premature aging, sunspots, and other skin issues. By using sun protection, we can help prevent this damage and keep our skin looking healthy.


  1. More options for sun protection. In the past, sun protection meant wearing long-sleeved shirts and hats. Now, we have a variety of options for sun protection, including high SPF sunscreen, UV-blocking clothing, and hats with built-in sun protection.


While sun worshipers of the past may have thought that getting a tan was a sign of health and beauty, we now know that sun protection is key to keeping our skin healthy and looking great. By using sunscreen, wearing protective clothing, and avoiding excessive sun exposure, we can enjoy the outdoors without putting our skin at risk.

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